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Guatemala March 2011

guatemala crusade missions 2011A Team of twenty five from the USA went to Guatemala in March for a multi-faceted concentrated effort to make a spiritual impact on the country.  A powerful Teaching Team worked with about forty pastors, plus leaders, for four days.  Thanks to Bishop Tony Miller, Dr. William Lyons from Regent University, Pastors Archie Callahan and Joyce Bailey who all worked together with Pam LeMaster and Lawana Atkins providing indepth insight in the Scriptures and challenged the pastors to reach beyond their self imposed borders.

Phase II of the Team was a week-end crusade in the town of Santa Lucia.  Pastor Archie Callahan and the combined Praise Teams from Harvest Outreach in the USA and others from Guatemala were the vehicle God used to bring many people to salvation.  See a testimony in the link PRAYER PARTNERS, below.

Phase III of the Team was to work on the construction of a sanctuary at  San Lorenzo.  Although the LENDAHAND Team did not complete the construction, the local congregation will finish soon and be worshiping in their beautiful facility.  Thanks to gifts from LENDAHAND friends, the materials were nearly paid for.  The locals will do their part and pay for the remainder and have a new complete facility in just a few weeks.

Happening Now

Three trips on the planning table.  Recruiting, developing curricula, determining itinerary, getting airline schedules, securing motels, vechiles, food serices, and amultitude of other elements are consuming the summer schedule.

Summer 2011 Trips

Nicaragua June 25-July 2  Mike and Jamie Worley, Team Leaders    Teacher training and Bible schools for churches in three cities of Nicaragua.  Cost $1450

Guatemala June 29-July 7  Rick and Christy Menear, Team Leaders  Ministry in three orphanages, two public school and three churches.  Need musician who knows Spanish.  Need Food Services Director.  Cost $1600

Costa Rica  July 7-July 14  Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle, Team leaders.  Bible schools and teacher training in nine churches.  Need teachers and Food Services Coordinator.  Cost $1700