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Honduras Medical (Heal) Campaign (Jun 2013)

We need doctors, nurses, dentists, health service professionals and surgeons for a medical trip to four villages and two orphanages in the mountains of Honduras.

All inclusive cost is $1,650. Includes airfare, food, lodging, ground transportation and insurance.

Nurses—Follow your heart and join us for this opportunity to touch the hearts and lives of many people – especially the orphans!

Dates are JUNE 19 (WED) – JUNE 28 (FRI), 2013.

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Nicaragua Medical (Heal) Campaign (Aug 2013)

Dates: August 8-18, 2013

Cost: $1650 — includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

We will provide medical care for five small mountain villages and one larger town.   Doctors, nurses, dental, and medical support personnel are needed. Prayer counselors are also needed.

Guatemala Humanitarian (Serve) Campaign (Apr 2013)

childDates: April 25-May 3, 2013

Cost: $1650 — includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

This trip is being sponsored by Bridge Church, Virginia Beach, VA, but is open to anyone.
We will be ministering in three orphanages in or near Guatemala City.  We will minister the Word of God to the children and staff.  We will also teach children and or staff how to use computers.  Ten refurbished computers are being given by Providence Computers.  We will teach staff how to sew.  Two sewing machines have been donated.  A third one would be wonderful so that we can teach how to sew and leave a sewing machine at all three orphanages.  We will provide medical assistance to the children in each facility.  If time and resources permit, we will provide some medical services to the nearby communities.  We will repair and/or upgrade the physical facilities. Prayer counselors are also needed.

El Salvador Trip (MAR 2013)


Dates: March 13-22, 2013

Cost: $1650 —  includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

Application due now.

We will construct five or more houses for the almost homeless (those who live in cardboard houses with no floors and or a tarp for a roof).  The new houses will be constructed of concrete slab, cinder block walls, tin roof, electricity and water.  Property for the houses being provided by Sus Hijos (His Children) Ministries in El Salvador.  Cost of each new house is $3500.  If you wish to contribute or be a team member, contact us.  We need an electrician and general laborers.  Prayer counselors are also needed.