Watch out Costa Rica, Christy and the Youth team are coming.
Seven churches and a ministry to the homeless benefited from the team led by Christy Menear.  Pastor Kevin Mahaffy taught near two hundred youth leaders by providing them with inspiration, challenges and ideas.  Some churches will never be the same as the fired up youth pastors were determined to go home and change their world, or at least their areas of influence.
Can you imagine ordering thirty pizzas?  It is no wonder that the delivery boy was only one hour late.  Christy and her team bought the pizzas for the homeless or under privileged children at the Un corazion Samaritaino ministry.  The sad news was that some of the children had never eaten a pizza before.  What a delight to see them eat, but more importantly, it was a thrill to see them receive the Bible stories and teachings from the team.  Every night the team ministered in a different church.  Mikhael preached and several accepted Jesus for the first time.  The Spirit of the Lord was so real one night when Kevin preached that an unscheduled service was held the next day to continue leading people to the Lord for revival.
We have been invited to return again.