Do I need a passport? Yes.

Do I need shots? Some are recommended, but not required.

Do I need spending money? All expenses are covered in your fee except one meal. Spending money is for your shopping pleasure. How much depends on how many gifts you wish to buy.

Do we need sleeping bags? No. You will be staying in a comfortable hotel, hopefully with A/C and hotwater. Neither is guaranteed.

What kind of food will we eat? Our food services team will provide very tasty American food. Occasionally some local (typical) food is prepared.

What kind of in country transportation will we have? The normal procedure is to rent air conditioned vans.

What kind of electricity will we have? Will I need an adaptor? No. The current is 110 volt, and plugs are the same as in the USA.

Where can we exchange money? The Team leader will exchange any money that you need and exchange if back when you leave the country if desired.

Where do we fly to/from? Flights are scheduled at the airport nearest your home unless ticket costs elsewhere are considerably different.

Who will be my roommate? Your spouse or someone compatible to  you. Sometimes you will have two roommates.

Will we have planning meetings before the trip? Yes. These are extremely important to get you prepared . If you are out of state, your Team Leader can Skype you into the meeting or set up a free conference call..

How safe will we be? Every precaution is taken by the Team leaders to keep everyone safe. All Team members must stay with the group at all times. The US Embassy is also notified that you will be in country. Insurance is provided.

Will we have a translator? Yes.

What personal hygiene items do I need to take? See list below.

Will we have communication capabilities to call home? Yes. Team leader will have cell phone that will receive and send calls to/from USA. Cost is 10 to 15 cents per minute. You may also bring your own cell phone. Most hotels and restaurants have free Wifi. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are free ways to communicate.

Will we have internet access? In most places, yes.

Can I bring that sweet orphan child home? NO. Everyone wishes to, but NO.

Can I give money to someone in country? If you wish, but check with Team leader first. There are guidelines.

Do I give my name, address, email and/or phone number to anyone in country? NO. You must be careful, they might be asking for money and might even attempt to come to your home in the USA…perhaps illegally.

TIPS for Pre-Departure check list.

Passport Number recorded in safe place.

Copies of passport left with family, two copies for your trip, three copies for TEAM director

Emergency Information left with family, and given to TEAM director.

Currency for personal and emergency use.

Credit or debit card. Notify your credit card company that you will be out of the country.

Personal Identification: Passport and drivers license are adequate.

Travel Gear

Small bag for toiletries and personal stuff, washcloths (not furnished), soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand wash, insect repellent, umbrella, raincoat, walking shoes, wide brim hat, sun glasses, sun block, flashlight, camera, batteries, Bible, water bottle, towelettes, empty plastic bags, pain reliever (aspirin), Diarrhea medicine, laxative, antibiotic cream, malaria medication, personal prescriptions.

House hold checklist

Stop deliveries
Have Post Office hold mail
Arrange for pet care
Set up timed lighting system
Notify local police of absence
Leave key and trip itinerary with neighbor
Empty refrigerator
Unplug appliances
Turn down thermostat
Turn off water heater
Store valuables in safe place
Lock all doors and windows