June/July Trip to Guatemala

Greetings from LENDAHAND.  You will never know the value your prayers are for our work and ministry.  It is so broad none can see the vast scope of the effectiveness.  The value is so powerful that we could not GO without your support.  Thank you many times for your help.

We are taking a Youth Ministry Team of fourteen to Guatemala.  Eight different churches, villages, and schools will be blessed as the Youth share their testimonies, sing, minister, dance, do drama, and probably participate in a lot of clean/up repair work.  They need your prayer support for His anointing, His guidance, His protection, in church, school, on the highways and everywhere they go.  They are going to be servants of the dear people in that country.

The weather has not been favorable in Guatemala recently.  Two volcano eruptions and a big flood have created some uncomfortable situations.  We will NOT be in any of the danger areas.  Every effort possible is being made to keep the Team safe.  Because of the floods, we very likely  will be helping in some clean up.  Our goal is to minister and serve, not sight see nor be served.

Call the team members by name in prayer.  They are:

Mikhael A., Mebane, NC

Olivia B., Gibsonville, NC

Meredith C., Burlington, NC

Miranda C., Walnut Cove, NC

Mary C., Burlington, NC

Josh D., Elon, NC

Karleigh M., Stuart, VA

Christy and Rick M., Stuart, Va

Hayley T., Elon, NC

Josh and Jennifer Y., Virginia Beach, Va

Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle, Virginia Beach, VA

The Chavez family, Guatemala

The Almarez family, Guatemala

Blessings and thanks,

Bobby Hoyle

LENDAHAND Mission Teams