La Colonia/Sarapiqui Costa Rica April 2012

Twelve people from the USA went to La Colonia to help build a sanctuary.  Construction began slowly because the zoning taxes and the architect’s fees depleted the local funds which had been accumulated for the building.  However, friends from the Abundant Life church in Hopewell, VA assisted financially.  With an additional grant from LENDAHAND,  the building was begun.  The LENDAHAND team and the local congregation worked as one well trained team.  According to leaders from LENDAHAND, the La Colonia congregation was the hardest working group of people encountered anywhere on the mission field.  In addition to the USA team nearly thirty local people helped every day.  Over half of the thirty were female.  The average age of the locals was about twenty years old.
A lot could be said  for the twelve from the USA.  Al Strickland was an excellent construction superintendent.  Rodney, Roger, Ryan, Rusty, Van, Guy, Doug, and Bobby worked like true tradesmen by bending, cutting, mixing , digging, measuring and all the associated construction elements.  Nancy, Ashely, and Kathryn diligently prepared the delicious food daily.
After the USA team returned home, pictures arrived by Facebook daily showing outstanding progress made by the locals.  It was amazing to see them build “their church.”  Pastor Luis has developed a wonderful congregation that is well respected in the community.  Great reports will be coming from the La Colonia people in the future.