Nicaragua Medical (Heal) Campaign (Aug 2013)

Dates: August 8-18, 2013

Cost: $1650 — includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

We will provide medical care for five small mountain villages and one larger town.   Doctors, nurses, dental, and medical support personnel are needed. Prayer counselors are also needed.

Guatemala Humanitarian (Serve) Campaign (Apr 2013)

childDates: April 25-May 3, 2013

Cost: $1650 — includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

This trip is being sponsored by Bridge Church, Virginia Beach, VA, but is open to anyone.
We will be ministering in three orphanages in or near Guatemala City.  We will minister the Word of God to the children and staff.  We will also teach children and or staff how to use computers.  Ten refurbished computers are being given by Providence Computers.  We will teach staff how to sew.  Two sewing machines have been donated.  A third one would be wonderful so that we can teach how to sew and leave a sewing machine at all three orphanages.  We will provide medical assistance to the children in each facility.  If time and resources permit, we will provide some medical services to the nearby communities.  We will repair and/or upgrade the physical facilities. Prayer counselors are also needed.

El Salvador Trip (MAR 2013)


Dates: March 13-22, 2013

Cost: $1650 —  includes airfare, housing, food, ground transportation and insurance.

Application due now.

We will construct five or more houses for the almost homeless (those who live in cardboard houses with no floors and or a tarp for a roof).  The new houses will be constructed of concrete slab, cinder block walls, tin roof, electricity and water.  Property for the houses being provided by Sus Hijos (His Children) Ministries in El Salvador.  Cost of each new house is $3500.  If you wish to contribute or be a team member, contact us.  We need an electrician and general laborers.  Prayer counselors are also needed.

Medical Team to El Salvador August 2012

A small LENDAHAND team from the USA under the leadership of Dr. “K”  joined ranks with CBN Operation Blessing – El Salvador for a series of six medical clinics.  Dr. David, a dentist from Guatemala, drove to El Salvador to provide dental care for the people.  During the six days over 1100 patients were treated and over five hundred prayed with counselors to receive Christ.

Our team also joined with a ministry called Sus Hijo to feed the homeless.  Together we prepared 190 meals.  At about 9:30pm the team crammed into the rear of a pick up truck.  Destination was downtown San Salvador areas where the homeless slept on the ground, on cardboard, or under old rags.  It was one of the most heart warming scenes imaginable.

The poorly clad homeless, hungry, and sometimes helpless would hear the truck coming and run to get food.  LENDAHAND salutes Sus Hijos people who serve these people every week.

Pastoral Training in Costa Rica July 2012

July 2012 was a great time to be in Costa Rica.  Only one small earthquake, very little rain, and wonderful temperatures were the order of the weather.  The real impact, however, was the training for above twenty pastors.  Jim Kerwin taught on Biblical Hermaneutics (How to study and interpret the Bible).
Dr. Jeri Posey taught on Biblical Doctrine.  Glynn and Sonia Logsdon taught on Family Relationships, while Mark Fisher and Darrell Roland taught on Church Management.  The pastors received the teachings with eager anticipation.  They immediately requested our team to return again next spring for another series and further training.  While there, LENDAHAND received a request for the LENDAHAND team to teach/train near 100 young Methodist pastors.
It is the opinion of LENDAHAND leadership that training is the best form of ministry that we can offer.  As we train leaders, they train others, who train others.  Therefore the Kingdom of God grows.

Costa Rica June 2012 Youth Team

Watch out Costa Rica, Christy and the Youth team are coming.
Seven churches and a ministry to the homeless benefited from the team led by Christy Menear.  Pastor Kevin Mahaffy taught near two hundred youth leaders by providing them with inspiration, challenges and ideas.  Some churches will never be the same as the fired up youth pastors were determined to go home and change their world, or at least their areas of influence.
Can you imagine ordering thirty pizzas?  It is no wonder that the delivery boy was only one hour late.  Christy and her team bought the pizzas for the homeless or under privileged children at the Un corazion Samaritaino ministry.  The sad news was that some of the children had never eaten a pizza before.  What a delight to see them eat, but more importantly, it was a thrill to see them receive the Bible stories and teachings from the team.  Every night the team ministered in a different church.  Mikhael preached and several accepted Jesus for the first time.  The Spirit of the Lord was so real one night when Kevin preached that an unscheduled service was held the next day to continue leading people to the Lord for revival.
We have been invited to return again.

La Colonia/Sarapiqui Costa Rica April 2012

Twelve people from the USA went to La Colonia to help build a sanctuary.  Construction began slowly because the zoning taxes and the architect’s fees depleted the local funds which had been accumulated for the building.  However, friends from the Abundant Life church in Hopewell, VA assisted financially.  With an additional grant from LENDAHAND,  the building was begun.  The LENDAHAND team and the local congregation worked as one well trained team.  According to leaders from LENDAHAND, the La Colonia congregation was the hardest working group of people encountered anywhere on the mission field.  In addition to the USA team nearly thirty local people helped every day.  Over half of the thirty were female.  The average age of the locals was about twenty years old.
A lot could be said  for the twelve from the USA.  Al Strickland was an excellent construction superintendent.  Rodney, Roger, Ryan, Rusty, Van, Guy, Doug, and Bobby worked like true tradesmen by bending, cutting, mixing , digging, measuring and all the associated construction elements.  Nancy, Ashely, and Kathryn diligently prepared the delicious food daily.
After the USA team returned home, pictures arrived by Facebook daily showing outstanding progress made by the locals.  It was amazing to see them build “their church.”  Pastor Luis has developed a wonderful congregation that is well respected in the community.  Great reports will be coming from the La Colonia people in the future.

Nicaragua Trip Details

A severely dehydrated baby is treated.Medical Mission Team to Nicaragua

This is your personal invitation to provide your medical expertise and compassionate care to the less fortunate in Nicaragua.LENDAHAND Mission Teams is scheduling a Medical Team to go and treat people in six to eight villages who have little or no access to proper medical care.Skilled nurses, EMTs, pharmacists, and support personnel also needed.

There will be opportunities for anyone with a medical background. Prayer counselors are needed to serve. All patients receive prayer.

If interested, contact us here. It will be a delight to add you to this caring team.

NEEDED: Doctors, EMTs, Dentists, Nurses, EMTs, Physician’s Assistant, support personnel.
Cost: $1650—includes airfare, ground transportation, food, motel, and insurance.
When: August 9 – 18, 2012
Where: Quaili, Nicaragua

Go and be a blessing.

Costa Rica Youth Trip 2012

guatemala crusade missions 2011GOT TALENT?

Can you…
>play an instrument?
>face paint?
>make crafts?
Want to:
>play games with kids?
>tell a story?
>share life experiences?
>witness door to door?


A new friend awaits you in Costa Rica. Our trip will consist of nine days of interacting with youth from another culture. Share with them, pray with them, eat with them, sing with them, play games with them, and worship with them. Your life will be changed forever.Plan now to be a part of this ministry team.

Date: June 21 – June 29

Cost: $1650—Includes airline tickets, hotel, food, tips, ground transportation, and insurance.

Leaders: Christy Menear, Kevin Mahaffey, Bobby/Kathryn Hoyle


Schedule for 2012 Trips

Costa Rica  April 11-21, 2012  Sanctuary Construction
Costa Rica  June 21-29, 2012  Youth Ministry
Nicaragua    June 24-July 1, 2012  Teacher Training and Bible School
Costa Rica  July 24 – August 3 Pastor Training
Nicaragua August 9-18, 2012  Medical Clinics
Guatemala November Date to be determined (will include Thanksgiving holiday)
Costa Rica  April 11-21, 2012  Sanctuary Construction
Construction of Sanctuary at La Colonia, Sarapiqui
Need Skilled masons, carpenters, unskilled laborers, food service personnel, and willing workers.
Cost $1650
Team Leaders  Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle
Contractor  Al Strickland
Food Services Nancy McGayhey
Costa Rica  June 21-29, 2012  Youth Ministry
Ministry in eight churches/communities and Leadership Training for Youth ministers
Need youth with a love for people.  Talents for drama, music, games, dancing, witnessing are desireable.
Cost $1650
Team Leader  Christy Menear
Youth Minister Training  Kevin Mahaffey
Nicaragua    June 24-July 1, 2012  Teacher Training and Bible School
Training Sunday School teachers with new methods.  Conducting Bible Schools.
Need…. The personnel for this trip have been selected.
Cost $1650
Team Leaders, Mike and Jamie Worley
Costa Rica  July 24 – August 3 Pastor Training
Assist in training pastors in areas of Hermanuetics, Doctrine, Family Relationships, and Church Management
Cost $1700   The personnel for this trip have been selected.
Team Leaders  Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle
Nicaragua August 9-18, 2012  Medical Clinics
Medical clinics in the very northern region of Nicaragua near Honduras.
Need doctors, nurses, EMTs, and support personnel.
Cost $1650
Team Leaders  Bobby Hoyle
Group Leader Janet Kennon
Guatemala November Date to be determined (will include Thanksgiving holiday)