Thanks for the Prayers!

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Dear Praying Friend,

“It is raining Cats and Dogs.” quote from Supt. Atilio Chavez, Guatemala.

That is a funny way to start a letter, but let me share the rest of the story.

We wrote you a letter requesting that you pray for our recent trip to Guatemala.  A specific request was ‘pray for the weather.’  Before the Youth Team went to Guatemala there were two eruptions of the volcano, and Hurricane Alex plowing through the gulf of Mexico.  The Team was scheduled to fly through Houston, Texas the day of the hurricane.  BUT, because you and hundreds  of others prayed for our safety….fast forward to today and you get the message above from the Conference Superintendent: i.e. it is raining like cats and dogs.

The whole story is  that for fifteen days and nights there was constant rain in the country.  Bridges and roads were washed out and landslides occurred.  But when the LENDAHAND Mission Team arrived, it stopped raining.  It did not rain on our team during the entire trip except one night during the church service.   Superintendent Chavez says that since we have returned to the USA, the rains furiously  returned there.  Like hungry cats and dogs.

Is that a credit to LENDAHAND?  No.  The credit and glory goes to God!  Praying people like you got the attention of God who controls the universe.  He held the rains so that the Youth could minister with power.  Prior to our visit another team had been visiting Guatemala.  The Superintendent asked that team to pray for the weather while we were there.  They did.  They fasted three days for us.  God answered your prayers and theirs.  Keep sending them up.  He delights in hearing and answering.

The Youth Team did minister with anointing.  Nearly every day they went from door to door witnessing.  About forty people responded to accept the Lord or redicate their lives.  They youth preached, sang, and ministered around the altars in church in such a powerful way!  These youth  are seasoned warriors of the Gospel.  With young people like the ones on this trip, we can be confident of the future of missions and the zeal of sharing the Gospel.

Again, thank you for YOUR prayers.  You are a vital part of this ministry.  God bless you and your family.

On The Go For Him,

Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle

Thanksgiving 2010 – VBS in Guatemala

VBS in Guatemala Thanksgiving, 2010. Who’s in?

Trip in 2008

November 2008: A Team of builders went to Esquintla, Guatemala to construct a sanctuary in memory of Robert Dagenhart of Virginia Beach, VA.

October 2008: A Team of medical personnel went to El Salvador to treat patients in several villages, one of which was flooded.

August 2008: A Team of teachers went to Honduras to work with the hearing impaired students and assist teachers in new methods.

July 2008: A Team of over 30 students from Trinity Worship Center in Burlington, NC went to Guatemala to minister in multiple locations and assist in repairing, painting, and cleaning of church facilities.

March 2008: A Team of expert teachers went to Guatemala for the third year to assist in teaching and training of more than 70 pastors and leaders.

February 2008 : A Survey Team went to Costa Rica to do preliminary planning for a building team to follow. Goal was the construction of 1500 seat sanctuary.