Building is most often the cornerstone of a project. Supplies are on hand when a team arrives, so work begins immediately and a building is in place very quickly! We need skilled carpenters, bricklayers, and contractors. We also need unskilled ‘muscle’, to do other jobs like mixing concrete, carrying supplies, and pounding nails.

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Ministry teams conduct Bible Schools for local children, introducing them to Christ through Bible stories and verses. Translators are provided!
The kitchen crew of cooks and bottle washers ensure that meals for our teams are nutritious, clean, filling, and tasty.

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Our medical teams see health restored to people who have gone without the most basic of medical care. In addition to treating illnesses and disease, they teach the principles of health and hygiene. We also need individuals to register to our patients and others to offer ministry, childcare, and support.

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Our Mobile Medical Clinic is Now Active!

lendahand medical bus

We are excited to report that after some delay in customs, the Dagenhart-Guerra Mobile Medical Clinic has finally seen it’s first day of ministry. This medical bus, which was built by friends of LENDAHAND and through God’s help, was shipped to … [Read More...]



2020 Trips

May 12 – 21- 2020 – Honduras- HEAL – Medical and Ministry.

August 1 – 8 – 2020- El Salvador – SERVE

August 27 – September 1 – 2020 – Panama – SERVE

October 5 -15 – 2020 – Peru – HEAL-SERVE- Medical/ Painting/Ministry

November 23 – December 3 – 2020 – Nicaragua – BUILD-SERVE-HEAL


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