2018 Trips

February 11-21, 2018 Colombia – Construction of a church. Silvia Hoyle, leader. Funding only required.

This mission is closed due to safely concerns. It’s led by Silvia Hoyle with two team members providing oversight of construction. Our fundraiser will collect funds to pay local men in the community to help build the church. We will be ministering to these local builders and the people of the community. LENDAHAND purchased two sewing machines for ladies to learn a trade in sewing. Pray for safety and for salvations.

February 13-23, 2018 Dominican Republic – Construction of a church. Bobby Hoyle, leader. 757.479.5527.

Our team will be working with the local missionaries Darrell and Bonnie Clowers. We are building a chapel on the IPHC Campgrounds. We will have another team teaching Vacation Bible School to the children in the area.

April 18 – 27, 2018 Nicaragua, Pastoral Teaching and Training. Denise Abner, leader. 757.232.1508.

We will provide teaching and training to local pastors, leaders and Sunday School teachers. Subjects being taught are Hermeneutics, Church Finances, Home Missions, and Children’s Ministry. This teaching will be provided in two different towns reaching over 100 ministers.

June 14-23, 2018 Guatemala, Construction of a church. Michael Worley leader. 434.841.6693.

A team will be building a church in Tarde Linda. Another team will be teaching Vacation Bible School to the local children in the area.

August 6-16, 2018 Nicaragua, Medical campaign to Quilali, Tami Booth, 336.266.4671.

We need Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacy Techs, as well as non medical personnel. We hold 5-6 medical clinics in different communities in and around Quilali. We need individuals to pray with people, hand out toys, help with food preparations, and take pictures. We are also looking for physical therapists and hair stylists. If you are bilingual, this is a plus, but we have translators if you do not.

November 5-14, 2018 Peru, Renovations, Teaching, Medical. Denise Abner, leader, 757.232.1508.

Team members will have a variety of opportunities on this mission. We will be finishing up construction on an upper floor of a church, completing a bathroom and a multipurpose room. This will include laying bricks, plastering walls, and tiling the floor.

We will also hold a medical clinic for those in need in the area. Vacation Bible School will be taught to the church and community children. Teaching will be provided for the teen youth on living a Godly life in an ungodly world. Teaching will also be provided to the parents on how to raise and deal with their teenagers’ struggles in life.

November 9-14, 2018 Bolivia, Pastoral Teaching and Training, Bobby Hoyle, leader, 757.615.2371.

We will be teaching and training local pastors and leaders from three different cities. They will be learning Spiritual gifts and talents in practice, Servant hood and Principals of Leadership.

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