Upcoming Trips

We are currently not taking any teams out. Due to COVID, and now the heavy restrictions to travel, the testing, shots and so forth, we are using wisdom to hold off just a little while longer. However our support for all the countries we take teams to has NOT stopped. As finances come into LENDAHAND, they are being sent out. The following is what we have successfully accomplished and what we are still in the process of providing assistance with.

A. Fed thousands who needed food during the COVID pandemic and also the two hurricanes that swept through Central and South America.
B. Provided masks, plastic shields, gloves, sanitizer to schools, churches and hospitals in Central America.
C. Provided toys, flip flops, toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothing, to communities in need in Central America.
D. Helped with purchasing land in Guatemala to have a church built.
E. Built a church in Nicaragua.
F. Built a home in El Salvador plus helped feed thousands of homeless on the streets.
G. Helped a Venazaleian refugee have surgery on a broken infected leg so he could go back to work to earn money for his family.
H. Helping a pastor’s wife in Peru to have back surgery to relieve her from pain so she can work and minister as she needs to.
I. Built one class room and one latreen for a school in Uganda. Our goal is to help them to build the entire school for children K – 12 there.
This gets them off the streets, feeds them, educates them and teaches them about Jesus
J. Supporting two Pastors in Nicaragua who are pioneering churches in rural areas where a lot of poor people live. They are reaching out into their communities with food, love and the gospel.
K. Supporting a Worship Pastor in Guatemala by helping provide quality equipment for a LIVE Stream ministry. This will enable thousands all around the world to hear the Gospel in worship and teaching.

You see, even though we are not physically GOING, we are financially giving, helping and providing. This allows the ministries there to continue to grow. Lives are continuing to be reached with the Gospel, the needs of the community are still being met. “JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER” HEBREWS 13:8. The Gospel never changes, but the methods we use to spread the Gospel have to change.

Please continue to support us in prayer and giving financially, so that we can continue to GIVE to LEND A HAND to those in NEED.

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