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2021 Postponed Due to COVID-19

2021 Trips

Postponed: June 19 -29 – 2021 – Nicaragua – BUILD-SERVE-HEAL. Team Leader Denise Abner 757-232-1508 or [email protected].

Praise the Lord we are heading back to Nicaragua. We will be traveling up to Quilali where we will be staying. We will be working in a community near there daily,  building a church in Memory of my father-in-law Harold Abner Sr. A medical and dental clinic will also be held there along with many ministry opportunities. We need all hands on deck and we will have a lot to do for everyone involved including – builders, construction workers, doctors, nurses, pharmacist, people to pray, hand out toys, prepare lunches and play with the kids. This will be a very rewarding mission trip so please plan to join us. We planned this over Thanksgiving break because so many people will be off work and able to take less leave time. Be assured God will reward you for you giving your holiday to be of service to HIM this year.

Postponed: July 31 – August 7 – 2021- El Salvador – SERVE – Team Leader Denise Abner – 757-232-1508 or [email protected]

This mission offers a variety of ways to minister and be a blessing. We are looking forward to joining with  Kurt Ackermann and his ministry Sus Hijos/ His Children. He has been a missionary in San Salvador, El Salvador for over 16 years. They go to where there is great need – we will be going to minister in boys and girls detention homes and prisons, transition homes, adult special needs homes and feeding the homeless kids on the street. All of these places are where the kids have been abandoned, and there is no one to turn too.  We have the opportunity to give them love, hope and offer Jesus to them. You can make a difference even if it is only in one life it is worth it.  To learn more of this awesome ministry please visit www.sushijos.org. You will get so excited about joining the team!

Postponed: October 1-12 – 2021 – Peru – HEAL-SERVE- Medical/ Painting/Ministry – Team Leader Denise Abner – 757-232-1508 or [email protected]

We are excited to head back to Peru this year. We will be joining Pastor Jorge Watanabe and his family to reach their area with the gospel with our medical clinics and ministry.

We will need medical and non medical personnel on this mission. Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Pharmacist, registration, crowd control and number calling, people to pray, to help with reading glasses, handing out toys, and assisting children with crafts while waiting.  We also need men and women who love to paint. We will be painting a church and some classrooms.We need someone to teach Sunday School teachers how to prepare and teach  lessons. There is so much to do on this mission come and join us.

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