About Us

bobby and kathryn hoyle

Bobby and Kathryn Hoyle

After 35 years of pastoring, Bobby Hoyle “retired” and founded LENDAHAND Mission Teams in 2001. Bobby and his wife, Kathryn, a school teacher of 35 years, work together to make each LENDAHAND Mission Teams trip run smoothly. Each mission is bathed in prayer, and God has blessed with His favor.

LENDAHAND is not affiliated with any denomination thus allowing us to work with many denominations.  However, LENDAHAND Mission Teams has a governing Board of Directors consisting of nine members.  Each of these men are dedicated members of their home churches representing Presbyterian, Nazarene, Pentecostal Holiness, Calvary Chapel, and one Independent group.  LENDAHAND is committed to the needs of suffering humanity whether spiritul or physical.  We respond to needs as requested with whatever skills, talents, or resources we have available.

As of October 2017 LENDAHAND has sent 84 Teams into Central and South America to help Build, Serve, and Heal.